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EarthDance Amsterdam

EarthDance Amsterdam
has been part of the international EarthDance family since day one in 1997. With the input from many Amsterdam organizations EarthDance Amsterdam continues to contribute to the global peace message by uniting people and dance floors across the world.

EarthDance Amsterdam has cooperated with hundreds of respected artists, including live-musicians and -performers, DJ's, VJ's, designers and movie directors. For an overview of artists who have performed at EarthDance Amsterdam throughout the years, have a look in our artist profile section.

EarthDance Amsterdam supports the Tibet Support Group in Amsterdam in their mission to free Tibet from it's occupation since 1949 by the Chinese government. In Tibet humanitarian rights are still being violated on a daily basis. It is forbidden for Tibetans to own a picture of their holy leader His Holiness The Dalai Lama, who was forced to flee his country in 1959 during the Tibetan Uprising. Even though EarthDance Amsterdam is not a political organization, we hereby ask the Chinese government to kindly invite the Dalai Lama for a dialogue in order to resolve their differences.

""Through our diversity we recognize unity, through our compassion we recognize peace" [from EarthDance Prayer]

EarthDance Amsterdam has generated over one million unique media impressions. Through the means of high profile websites, flyer production, live webcasts and press releases Earthdance Amsterdam has set a standard for multi media event promotion. For some of the collected results check out this media section by clicking on the Media link above.

EarthDance Amsterdam
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