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 Artists | Aphid Moon (UK)
EarthDance Amsterdam 2004

Aphid Moon

Dragonfly proudly presents the debut album from Aphid Moon aka trance supremo Jules Hamer. As many before him Jules took his inspiration for his music from the awesome trance nights held in the legendary Megatripolis back in 1994. Impressed by the sound and energy of the scene Jules set up and promoted his own monthly night called "Aphid Moon" wich ran at various different London locations between ZĒ95 - ZĒ97, and garned a reputation as one of the best underground clubs to emerge from the scene. In the late 90ZĒs Jules started DJing as Jabbawocky on the squat and underground party scene as well as commencing to write his own music, resulting in his first seminal release "Tazmania" on "Interstellar Records". This was swiftly followed by acclaimed live performances at the Boom Festival in Portugal & Totem in Copenhagen. Early 2000 saw Jules capitalized on his huge Japanese following by moving to Tokio, hosting a trance rdio show and DJing to sell out crowds. Early 2001 saw him keen to get back to his first love ...... Making the music so he came back to the U.K., set up his studio and started regularly releasing tracks on Betelgeuse, Interface, Flying Rhino and Dragonfly. Whilst continuing to DJ worldwide , Jules has found time to put the finnishing touches to his fantastic new album - and it rocks........

Jules Hamer has been heavily immersed in the psychedelic trance scene since one Goa trance night at Megatripolis in London back in 1994. Impressed by the sound and energy of the parties he set up and promoted his own monthly night called "Aphid Moon" which ran at various different London locations between 95-96. These nights featured many of the popular British Psy- Trance Djies today- Tristian (Twisted rec.), James Monroe (Bumbling loons-Flying Rhino) Joti Sidu (Atomic), Billy Cosmosis (Transient Rec.), Kuma (Mumbo Jumbo-Transient), John Ohm (Green Ohms-Dragonfly) and Chris Organic (Organic Rec.) to mention a few.
Between 97-98 he started djing as Jabbawocky on the squat and small party circuit of London's underground party scene and turned his energies towards creating his own psy-trance sound. In this year he had his first Aphidmoon 12' release-Tazmania on Intersetlla Rec.
98-99 He was Djing as monthly resident at Dyana in Ipswich and played regularly on the London party scene at parties such as Kundalini, Astral Phoenix, Tribal Chaos (Mindscapes). He also played his first Aphid Moon live set in Totem in Copenhagen and in the chill out of the Boom Fest in Portugal as half of "Cosmic Flying Circus". He also had his second Aphidmoon release -Manna on the Sound of Freedom comp(Transient rec.).
99-00 spent the first half of the year in Tokyo Japan playing in small underground Clubs (Lust/ Melas) and doing a weekly digital radio show playing the latest Trance and chillout. He returned in the summer to travel the European outdoor parties Djing at the Return to the Source in Germany, the Voov (Germany), Auriko (Belgium), And Solipse in Hungary.
00-01 After returning to London he spent the next year in a part-time job getting together a new modern digital studio. Playing regularly at Mindscapes and Warp parties at the Drome, Ellemental and early Chichme parties. As well as a party in Macedonia's Skope and the Boom fest in Portugal.
01-02 During this year in his new studio Jules has worked hard at bringing his sound and production upto date. With the same passion and love for music that got him hooked in the first place he's started to get regular releases on the British Pystrance labels as Aphid Moon, Betelgeuse and Interface (his collaboration with tech-head Mark Owen).
02-He has continued with regular releases and is working on his forth coming Aphid Moon album. He has been Djing regularly at Subteranera Sunday session as well as Dj and a recent live set in Athens Greece. He is booked to play a Dj and live Aphimoon set in the Voama fest from the 16th -19th of Aug at Lake Ziros in Greece this summer.
Releases to date are as follows:
Interface-Audiobaseone on Gravitation (Flying Rhino)
Aphidmoon-Elevate on Ordenata 6 (Dragonfly)
Aphidmoon-Urras on Conspirators of Pleasure (Alchemy)
Aphidmoon-Upgrade on Chemistry (Dragonfly)
Aphidmoon-12" A lot of Radio/ Chi (Flying Rhino)
Aphidmoon- Zaphod on (Atomic)
Betelgeuse -Faker on (Atomic)
Aphidmoon-Headcandy-Tristians DJ mix (Twisted)
Aphidmoon-Funk on Amazon (Turbo Trance)
Forth comming realses:
Silcon Trip Aphid Moon RMX for Dragonfly Classics Comp (Dragonfly).
At present he is working on his album due for release on Dragonfly later
this year and is bang up for bringing his sound to the worlds dance floors
(lets have a party!).

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