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EarthDance Amsterdam

Cosmic Girl

Contemporary theatre or interactive modern circus? It is hard to define the ceremonial performance Michelle Hooper leads as Cosmic Girl. Her aerial 'tissue' act at EarthDance Amsterdam 2004 will surely be remembered, as she directed the multimedia live stage and DJ Stella Nutella to a climactic integrated erruption of creativity - with wild cheers from the dancefloor.

Before she started at the Royal Queensland Youth Theatre in Australia, Michelle had worked as a radio broadcaster, writer and producer, before she focused her energy to develop her solo performances. Michelle has written and performed for the world's leading culture and art festivals and is renowned for her ability to interact and improvise.

Michelle has been part of the the EarthDance family since the early days and performances include EarthDance Hawai and Earthdance Australia.

Cosmic Girl performed at EarthDance Amsterdam in year 2001, 2002 and 2004.

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