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 Artists | Dimitri Nakov (Ru)
EarthDance Amsterdam 2004

DJ Dimitri Nakov

A major influence on the psytrance music scene, after he'd left his influential mark on goatrance: Can one DJ really influence the direction of psychedelic trance? We could easily deny this. But if we had to name one, Dimitri Nakov would be nominated for his worldwide contributions, supported by labels like TIP Records and their label follow-up TIP-world and currently Spun Records based in Ibiza and New York.

Early UK dance music scene, rural subcultural lifestyles claim the title for hottest lifestyle ever shown on the face of this planet. In this period Dimitri worked narrowly on the promotion, radio and press department for Junior Records, Massive Attack, FSOL, Underworld and Leftfield to name a few. Through these contacts he became a studio assistant for Sasha and production manager for Narcotic Records in London, '95.

Once he got in on TIP Records he became representative, resident DJ and party organizer for their parties all over the world. The follow-up label TIP-world aimed at newer forms of (goa)trance mostly referred to now as psytrance. It was his job to monitor and choose the albums and singles fit for release on TIP's new musical course. With the status of TIP and TIP-world, it is fair to say Dimitri helped directing the impact of post-goa trance into psytrance.

This pretty much covers his background story before Dimitri's DJ-ing career really started flying. Many will remember his legendary sets at all sorts of events and cutting edge festivals. He rocked Fuji as hard as he funked the trancefloor at Voov and Trancendence. And what did mr. Nakov prove? He can melt the floor underneath your feet from behind his three decks with a decade of experience and a smile on his face.

Dimitri's studio experience served him well for music collaborations which are growing in numbers. He released tracks as The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and with Hallucinogen, Wrecked Machines, GMS, Talamasca and Astrix to name a few.



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