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 Artists | DJ Fatman (UK)
EarthDance Amsterdam 2005

DJ Fatman
:: artist profile

''He came out of Clear Light through a Window Pane bringing with him Orange Sunshine and Purple Haze all in the years of 1966 and 1967. He was raised on Innocence, Feedback, Space and the Ambience of the Cosmos, Understanding Harmony, Tone, Empathy and Feeling. Welcome to Ambience. Welcome to the Dimensional Shift....''

The Fatman Experience : Space is the only frontier !

Rob DooD is the Amsterdam bridge of soundscapes between the first, second and third psychedelic generations. With his roots firm in the countercultural waves of the Sixties, DJ Fatman transcends his gained wisdom through his extensive collection of timeless ambient music. Known for his everlasting sets, DJ Fatman is one of the very few DJ's who is able to uplift your mind back into the higher states of peace.

DJ Fatman has enlightened EarthDance Amsterdam both in 2003 and 2005.

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