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 Artists | Funky Paradox (NL)
EarthDance Amsterdam 2002

Funky Paradox

With a profound interest in both ancient and modern culture Tom Zwollo presents a combination in sound that typifies the post-techno downtempo music wave. Chilled breaks with ethnic influences and a pinch of mysticism, this is the chill-out experiment conducted by Funkyparadox.

The Androidz experimental outdoors inspired Tom to share his unique collection of music with an audience. In 2002 he realized that his passion for non-dancefloor oriented electronic music offered a unique perspective on chill-out sound. The Netherlands welcomed the Funkyparadox style, reflected in the many invitations at high profile events.

Highlights of his performances include EarthDance Amsterdam Ambient Circus in 2002, Dance Valley chill tent in 2003, the summer Solstice Festival 2004 in Ruigoord and at the Coco Liche in Buenos Aires.
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