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 Artists | DJ Ions (NL)
EarthDance Amsterdam 2001-4

DJ Ions

Jons Hofman is webmaster of is and brother of DJ Nilis. Early in the nineties the Hofman brothers started collecting psychedelic dance music while they were setting up events together with the Empathy crew. Unlike Nilis, the aspirations as DJ didn't kick in for Ions until the beginning of this millennium. By now he both plays the trancefloors with progressive psytunes and old-style goatrance, besides his passionate ambient sets.

DJ Ions has so far performed two ambient DJ sets at EarthDance Amsterdam in 2002 and 2004. More over he has assisted the EarthDance Amsterdam organization from 2001 in several ways, from the stagebuilding parts to sound control in the chill out. In 2002 he designed our online banner and received the full responsibilty for both the flyer and banner design 2004.


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