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Artists | Liftshift
EarthDance Amsterdam 2003

Liftshift (NL)

Eric Bijl is one of the spawns of the legendary Graansilo in Amsterdam. In the summer of 1994 he notoriously experienced psychedelic goatrance in it's shelter growing fond of the alien sounds. Accordingly, he put up free outdoor gatherings and was encouraged by "Green" Zander to start DJ-ing.

During this period he met some people who affected his musical career permanently. It was Dutch trance producer Ramon Sterman (Cosmoon) who instructed Bijl on the basics of studio technics. This collaboration also marked the willingness to learn from and work with other producers and Bijl performed his first live set with Robin "Psynapse" Pajsz at Trance Orient Express in 2002.

However, Bijl's passion for music extends often into more personal directions and his solo efforts as LiftShift have been fruitful to date. He debuted with a well received set in club 020 with his first solo live performance and only a week after, he transcended from obscurity by hitting the stage with a psychedelic, yet progressive night set at the EarthDance Amsterdam 2003 festival in Ruigoord. One of the tracks LiftShift played came from another collaboration, a studio effort with Ronald "DJ Zen" Engels.

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