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Artists | Luminika
EarthDance Amsterdam 2004


"Luminika makes circus dance and dance circus...."

A whole new generation of performers with an unconventional style, unifying circus, theatre, dance and juggling in a ceremonial performance spawned in the past century, often coinciding with other creative disciplines undergoing cultural evolution. Luminika personifies this multidisciplinary art performance and staged a memorable ceremony during the Prayer for Peace in 2004 at EarthDance Amsterdam.

Born in Australia in 1977 with an early interest in dance in general, Kassandra studied a wide variety of ethnic, classical and modern dance aside from martial arts such as capoeira, karate and shinkiendo. Throughout the years she developed her own unique combination of styles resulting in prolific appearances at festivals around the world and appearing in movies such as "The Green Goddess" in 2004.

Kassandra currently receives extended aerial training in Italy on top of her Brasilian influences. Fire is definitely her element and hot all elements will be.

EarthDance Performances:

2005: EarthDance Amsterdam, Netherlands
2004: EarthDance Amsterdam, Netherlands
2003: EarthDance Belfast, North Ireland
1997: EarthDance Amsterdam, Netherlands

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