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Artists | Mino
EarthDance Amsterdam 2002


Israel born and Danish resident trance act Mino (Phantasm / Transonic) pushed the speakers to their limits with a storming night-set to satisfy the needs of any psychedelic trancer.

Mino established a music career playing drums in several projects including acid jazz with his band Pass the Butter where he toured with Fred Wesley (James Brown's trombonist). He was invited to share his skills with several established trance projects such as Astral Projection, Elysium, Jean 'Orion' Borelli and DJ Sangeet.

Mino's has been drumming for over twenty years now and released two well received full length albums, Fly and Metallic Universe.

Mino Live
Mino played an electronic drumset at Earthdance Amsterdam 2002
[photos by Tintal]
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