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Artists | VJ Pixylight
EarthDance Amsterdam 2003

VJ Pixylight

Jym Fair aka Pixylight started his VJ-ing career in 1995 as he experimented with projecting psychedelic imagery for Shakedown Street, a Grateful Dead coverband in Colorado. Pixy has works closely with EarthDanceInternational and London-based live video collective inside-us-all, and has established many international performances.

Alpha Code, a joint DVD production with DJ Elf Arrow, premiered at 2001's largest VJ event in Europe, VideA held in Barcelona. Alpha Code went on to be aired on Germany's Viva 2-2 Step, and San Francisco based VJTV...

Pixy met inside-us-all's Dave Green during a video gig which Dave performed in Denver, Colorado, called "Resonance" and the two VJ's instantly connected. The next evening, they created the very first "Space Bunker Session" DVD in Colorado Springs.

The Inside-Us-All crew played a live gig at Pendragon's EarthDance London 2003 while VJ's Pixylight and Dave Green flew out to Amsterdam to make a major contribution to EarthDance Amsterdam 2003.

Jym Fair also DJ's as Jymne, combining his two passions. He is currently processing new audio-visual performances and we recommend to keep a close eye on him and his future productions.


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 High technology control by VJ Pixylight and resident light jockeys Tomastic and Bas in the background.

Photo by Dave Green (Inside-Us-All, UK) - EarthDance Amsterdam 2003

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