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 Artists | DJ Shawnodese (NL)
EarthDance Amsterdam 2003

DJ Shawnodese (NL)

Groningen is one of the breeding pits for psytrance in the Netherlands. The vibrant atmosphere has drawn a few into making music with a psychedelic edge including Shawnodese, without doubt one of our most succesfull export products.

Ever since moving to Amsterdam in 1996, Shawnodese has rocked dancefloors up to many thousands of followers. His style is non-stop full-on and has to be experienced to be believed.

At EarthDance 2003 Shawnodese played a knock-out bridging set in between the Star Sounds Orchestra from Germany and Aphid Moon from the United Kingdom.

Currently Shawnodese is manager for his label Mindfunk Records and plays all over the world, most notably in Germany in the summer on open-air grass fields like Full Moon Festival, VooV Experience and Antaris.

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