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Artists | Star Sounds Orchestra
EarthDance Amsterdam 2003

Star Sounds Orchestra

Steve Schroyder was only twenty years old when he first experimented with synthesized sounds and teamed up with legendary electronica-pioneers Tangerine Dream, resulting in a joint effort ‘Alpha Centauri’ in 1971 and ‘Zeit’ the year after. In 1973 he appeared on Ash Ra Temple’s ‘Seven-Up’ before wandering towards new directions.

As of 1989 he teamed up with Jens Zygar, who grew up in Liberia. A good place to get acquainted with African percussion. Nevertheless he first chose the guitar to be his instrument. In 1985 founded KlangHaus, a center for musical performance and sound therapy. He installed European gongs for this purpose and decided after many experiments that they were to be his tool in creating atmospheres to sustain musical meditation.

The music Schroyder and Zygar make under the Star Sounds Orchestra moniker are based on the ‘cosmic octave’, which means that their compositions are based on all kinds of periodically occurring natural phenomena. Live on stage they work with a full ranged set of gongs, instantly earning the reputation as one of the most impressive live electronic dance acts these days.

Star Sounds Orchestra released a new album in 2004.

SSO’s meditative trance inducing electronica seamlessly fits into the EarthDance concept. EarthDance Amsterdam 2003 was proud to present SSO's first ever live gig in the Netherlands, following up on DJ Cosmix and the Prayer for Peace.

photo by Wyse, USA
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