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Artists | Stella Nutella
EarthDance Amsterdam 2004

Stella Nutella

Swedish DJ Hanna Flemström goes by the artist name of Stella Nutella and needs little introduction. It was in London 1998 when she started DJ-ing and she soon conquered the hearts of many trancers around the world with her firm but funky feminin touch. She connected with Organic Records and released music with projects such as Mindsurfers and System Beat.

Stella's reputation preceeds her in many a country. She's given some hot and steamy sets at the world's most renowned parties and festivals. Her Amazon compilation released on Turbo Trance was well-received by critics worldwide:
'If you’re often moaning that there’s nothing psychedelic enough for you around at the moment, then your prayers have been answered. It says it all, Stella Nutella is living proof of female power in the furthermore predominantly male psychedelic trance music scene.



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