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 Artists | DJ Zen (NL)
EarthDance Amsterdam 2001/4

DJ Zen

Being one of the true pioneers in psychedelic trance and goa music in the Netherlands can blow your status to mythical proportions: Ronald Engels retains his cool and has played several DJ sets for Tibet, right from the EarthDance Amsterdam start in 1997.

Since the dawn of goatrance in the Netherlands, Ronald has been involved with putting up now legendary events mostly operating in clubs downtown Amsterdam.
The world's leading trance artists gladly played at his events such as Trancemissions, Ordeals in Sound, Doors of Perception and Full Moon parties.

To emphasize his vision on the culture and lifestyle surrounding trancemusic, Ronald got into a partnership with fluorescent clothing and gear distributor Acidophilus and managed both Adodisc and 3rd Mind Records, the only pre-millennium trance labels in Amsterdam.

With his DJ alias Zen he played all over the world and got his first international gig back in '94 in Israel. Ronald earned himself a position amongst other DJ giants as a well respected, top notch psychedelic DJ who can set the dancefloor on fire, keep one alive in the morning, make people smile at dawn and get them energized at dusk. Give this man a challenge and he'll face it head on.

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