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Media | Review by Marita
EarthDance Amsterdam 2005

Earthdance Amsterdam 2005

Review by Marita - published by

First party review in a while. :) i'm a bit rusty at these... so bare with me. ;)
what a great night!

We got there around 11pm, had a wander around, found some friends we hadn't seen in a while in the bar & food area behind the 'world music' area, and sat around having a drink and chatting until midnight, when eat static were due to begin....
and they were excellent! They played quite a mixture of stuff, some breaks, some new stuff, and some classic old tracks too. Two hours of static mayhem- really enjoyable.

I i can't say i was very impressed with 'Dark Angel'. his set was mediocre at best, the sound wasn't very good, he threw in quite a bit of cheese, and sent us to the bar & food area again. We came back in time for S-range though, and i was massively impressed. there's no way anyone can accuse this guy of being proggy. He was verging on full on, and i danced my bits off for his entire set, the best music all night without doubt.

Antaro couldn't make it due to back problems unfortunately, so they flew in ross from england at the last moment. he played a fairly good set, but lost the plot a bit for about 20 mins midway through. but i shouldn't complain, he picked it back up and got me dancing again. :)

The last (live) set was Mad Contrabender, 2 dutch guys - can't say i've heard of them before, but they were really good! one or two guitar tracks had me standing on the sidelines, but overall, i was highly impressed.

T he lazers were really cool, gave a great effect. the transformatorhuis is totally bare inside, so the guys did a good job of covering up all the walls with black cloths before hanging backdrops on there - think they could've done with a few more pieces though.Backdrops were provided by funplastika, who really are amazing artists. Projections were weird at times, funny at other times, and sometimes very techno-ish and industrial. there were some psychedelic ones thrown in there too, but i'd have liked some more - i like my eyecandy. ;)

Atmosphere was very good, although there were many gurning, eye-rolling, group-hugging e-tards. ;) but yes, it gave us something to laugh at. ;)

One of the best amsterdam parties i've been to in ages. don't think i've danced so much at an indoor party in a long time either. i had an absolute ball. :) great to run into lots of people i haven't seen in ages either. :)

Thumbs up to the organisers - thanks for all the work and effort you put into it, it's really appreciated. :)

Photos aren't really fantastic, but they give some idea of the place. it was difficult to take any with flash due to the amount of smoke hanging in the air, and always difficult to take a slow shutter shot without a tripod... :)

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