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  Media Review by Wibble
EarthDance Groningen 2000

EarthDance Groningen 2000
Review by Wibble (from Partyvibe)

Good Karma
Blessed be the Androidz, for throwing a party when everyone seemed to have left for Voov, leaving me depressed at home and ready to boogie. Who could have ventured that that tiny, intimate event would extend all the way to this magnificent Boom! label/Earthdance party ? The whole experience was drenched in good karma, starting from the potential dull traintrip to Groningen.

In Utrecht, I left a very happy newly-to-goa-introduced colleague after a nice chat, took the train and started talking to and older guy who was reading a Terry Pratchett novel, so he joined me. Socializing when commuting was nice for a change, and it got better still when another partygoer appeared, so the older guy went back to reading and we prepared for some serious action. No buses in Groningen, but there’s cabs so we kind of almost found it, and stumbled across other partygoers, offering us a ride in the right direction. Phew, saved us some searching at least. Things began to look splendid already, a searchlight indicating the general direction to the venue, and candles guiding us through a dark Blair Witch-like landscape. Compliments to the organizers, a real plus to the atmosphere ! And then… the boat where the bootieshaking would have a start in a few moments…

Aligning Energies Worldwide
Hearing the thumps from a distance, it was hard not to rush to the boat, well one might not manage to cross the walkway too fast anyway, so we calmly climbed on board. How nice to see the group of people met earlier in this wonderful partyseason ! All of the Androidz were there, some of them we hadn’t seen for a while, others we saw here ‘n’ there. But the tone was set: this was going to be a nice night indeed, intimate, amongst friends and other likeminded party animals, with some phat tunes that invited, no commanded us to get to the floor and dance the night away. Which is what we did, interlaced with some chilling out, but basically you had to dance. You cannot ignore a good DJ when you hear one, so what else is there than sweat before the discjuggling, DATswitching and vinylscratching master. Which is what all of the DJ’s were. At a certain point my body simply ached from fatigue, but my mind didn’t allow it to. Some of us got the wrong footgear, shame there aren’t pictures included of after-party blister sessions ;-). And when it got too hot, you could always stick your head out, or take a whiz outside, and enjoy the misty scenery. Perfect, just completely and utterly right, this was. Add to that the knowledge that at several places worldwide other people are doing the same thing, dancing for a good cause, now THAT feels good, this unifying feeling !But all good things inevitably come to an end, so with tears in our eyes we exchanged byebye’s and off we went…

Still karma to burn …
in a spaced car, nice and tight, seven of us, still wandering over and wondering about the experience, the people involved, the nice venue, the excellent music, the overall nice afterglow one has after a night well spent. If there is a party god, we have pleased him very much. If the other parties worldwide were only half as good, the dance or goa-community as a whole has made a difference. And if there’s another Boom! label party, we are so going to be there !

Thanks to all parties involved for a wonderful night, everything was perfect.


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