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Prayer For Peace
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EarthDance - Prayer for Peace
Every year at 0.00 hours Greenwich Mean Standard time, all EarthDance events are synchronized into one global event for a ritual Prayer for Peace.

In this moment, millions of people are connecting heart to heart, as the Prayer for Peace is being sent across dance floors around the world and into your living room through multiview internet webcasts and radio stations like the BBC in the UK and National Radio 3 here in the Netherlands.


We are One Global Family
All colors - All races,
 One World - United,

We dance for Peace and the healing of our Planet Earth
Peace for all nations,
Peace for our communities,
Peace within ourselves,

As we join all dancefloors across the World
Let us connect - heart to heart

Through our diversity we recognize unity,
Through our compassion we recognize Peace
Our Love is the power to transform our World

Let us send it out, Now !

Awakening our Hearts
Breathing as One
United as One
Peace on Earth

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